Farmer’s Market Finds


One of the vendors that we purchase from at the Farmer’s Market at City Hall and in summer, on 104 Street recently had heart surgery for a heart defect (not cardiovascular disease).  We know this vendor well and he eats a whole foods/Paleo-based diet.  He also eats a very alkaline diet to reduce inflammation.

While in the care of the cardiac unit at the Royal Alex and then after at the Mazankowski Institute, he met other heart patients who were on whole foods/Paleo type of food plans and they recovered well and quickly from their medical procedures.  The vendor also got to know very well, the cardiac staff at the hospital and the Mazankowski Institute and discovered that a good number of the doctors, nurses and other practitioners were eating a whole foods/Paleo-based diet.

The news in all this is that our vendor was not able to work for a while after his heart surgery but was off work for far less time because of his previous daily physical activity level which is running a farm (no pesticides, no herbicides, no GMO’s, no antibiotics, no growth hormones) and his whole foods/Paleo nutrition as a lifestyle.

Andreas, we are happy to see you at the Market again and doing so well.  We buy our duck fat, duck eggs, duck breast and much of our sprouted greens for our green drinks from Greens Eggs & Ham.  Be sure to say “hello” to Andreas and Mary Ellen when you see them at City Hall (fall/winter) or 104th Street Farmer’s Market (spring/summer).


What is Health Span?

The term life span is familiar to the majority of people.


There’s a new kid on the block now, as defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary, known as health span.

“A person’s health span is the length of time that the person is healthy – not just alive”.

So, as our mentor liked to quote, “are you living short and dying long?”

We believe that whole foods nutrition and daily exercise will help to increase your health span as well as your life span.  So, do you want to be more than just alive?  Do you want to live out your years ageing well – with vigor and vitality?

Here is where we come in and we are here to help.  I am nearly 60 and Jack is nearly 64 and we have no plans in stopping what we do anytime soon!  As active ageing Baby Boomers who are full-time fitness trainers and nutrition coaches, we would love to help you increase both your life span AND your health span.  We have the nutrition program and fitness training regimen appropriate to your age and your ability to assist you in achieving this goal.  We invite you to contact us!

Your Brain Loves it When You Move!

brain weightsDo you know that when you exercise, you can regenerate brain cells?

When you exercise, you also release serotonin, which improves your mood!

Endorphins get released when you exercise, which dulls the sensation of pain, especially for those who suffer with arthritis.

During and after exercise, dopamine is released, which improves motivation, focus and learning ability.

Norepinephrine is also released during and after exercise, which improves perception and your attention span.

The brain’s learning and memory part, the hippocampus, grows in size with regular exercise.

Exercise also helps your hormones regulate better, providing mental clarity and repairing the neurons in the brain from degeneration.

We don’t know about you but we want to stay sharp as well as staying fit as we age so we encourage you to make exercise a daily part of your lifestyle.  We would love to help you get started!

brain before and after exercise


home work outThe majority of our clients that we have, work out at home with their own equipment.  We are experts in teaching you how to fitness train at home, because that is where we do our own training for 65 – 70% of our time.  We do also go to a gym primarily to use some machines on occasion and to lift heavier weights than we have at our studio to challenge ourselves.

Gym workouts offer a more social aspect to fitness training but when you socialize, typically you spend less time training, thereby reducing the effectiveness of your gym workout.

A lot of the gym equipment looks nice but it may not work well with the human anatomy and the intricacies of our muscles and joints, especially if you are a taller or a shorter individual.  Jack and I usually choose free weights (dumbbells and barbells over machines) and we combine that training with body weight exercises.  We also throw in some brief interval training to warm up before we start our workout at home or at the gym.

At home, while you are exercising, you will be able to stay focused and should have a faster and more effective workout.  In the gym, you can have many interruptions such as other people wanting to work in with you on equipment or people interrupting you to socialize.

If you are into interval training, Tabata or HIIT training, circuit training or supersetting and giant sets, at home is the best place to do these kinds of workouts as if you do these workouts at a gym, typically not all the equipment you need is available at the time you need it.  Many of our clients do Tabata training, interval and HIIT workouts, circuit workouts, giant sets and supersets at home in our exercise programs.  They can get a whole workout done in 1 hour, sometimes even 45 minutes.  We also teach our clients how to stretch after a workout, which is important for recovery as well.

Home workouts offer you the chance to exercise without egos working out nearby, trying to impress!  However when we do see this in the gym, it brings value to the gym workout because of the entertainment it provides!

A serious disadvantage to workouts at the gym is the rising cost of memberships, lack of equipment maintenance in some gyms and the limited amount of time that you can actually get a good workout in due to the crowds in the gym at peak hours.  Sometimes the commute to the gym after work and the changing into workout clothes can add extra time onto that gym workout and then you have to do it all over again, to go home.

Home workouts are very practical and effective.  If you want to save some money, work out at home and reap big benefits and great results!  Talk to us to help you to get started – we would be happy to assist!

A Long & Strong Future!

74 year old choice

Spending an hour on the treadmill isn’t enough.  Neither is walking the dog.  As you age, your body is in a state of deterioration, starting as early as age 30.  By age 50, most of us will have lost over 20% of our muscle mass.  This means age-related weight gain as we gain more body fat and loose our strength.

You age faster, unless you are doing a strength training program ideally, 3 times a week.

Stop doing the slow, steady-state cardio day after day.  Raise your resting metabolic rate by adding a little muscle to your body.

Studies show that the last 6 to 8 years of our lives are spent either dependent and unable to look after ourselves or in a nursing home in a zombie-like state on multiple medications.

The good news is that increasing frailty in our later years is preventable.

Three times weekly strength training and healthy fats and lean protein served with vegetables will raise our metabolic rate, keep us vigorous and able to do all our daily activities such as making the bed, cooking meals for ourselves, showering and bathing and navigating stairs in our home.

My father Denis is 82 this year and prepares and cooks all his own meals (even though we live in the same house!), bathes and showers himself, does his own laundry, makes his own bed, cleans his living area, works out in our studio daily and goes for a walk after.  He also plays pickle ball in the warmer months.  He is also a seasoned traveler and is still able to drive long distances.

We can help you prepare for a long and strong future.  Get in touch with us and we’d be happy to help you build your long and strong future!

cycling seniorIMG_1516

How Are You Accountable?

IMG_5215I have 5 clients all named “Linda”.  The Linda I am referring to in this blog wanted to be accountable for her wellness goals in 2016.  So, she showed me how she was being accountable and in detail too!  I invited her to text me every day to let me know that she got a workout in and ate well that day.  She prepared all her meals in advance so that the chance of her making a not-so-great meal choice was greatly reduced.

She took pictures of her meals, took a picture of her workout that she did and even took a picture of sweat on her workout mat!  She also did some screen captures of her intervals, showing that she had completed a particular interval assigned to her that day.  She also provided commentary to me by cell phone on how her day went and what challenges she had and any modifications she made to a workout.  I gave her a weekly planner to follow for exercise and she showed me the planner sheet checked off for that day.  Linda, I am damn proud of you!

IMG_5219Whatever you need to do to make yourself accountable and keep you on track to reaching your goals is as individual as you are.  One of my clients had a smaller size dress hanging up in a prominent place in her home so that she could keep her eye on that goal for the wedding.  Another client placed photos on the fridge of himself at a heavier weight, signifying that he did not want to go down that road again.

What do you do to be accountable to your wellness goals?


It’s Never Too Late to Start!

If you have been pondering about getting more physically fit for this new year, then the time is Now








Jack and I both work with Baby Boomers and clients slightly younger than us, and somewhat older than us clients (and a good measure of young clients too – to keep us on our toes!).  We see clients with many different challenges but it is great when a 50-something client comes on and after 3 weeks with us, raves about how great they are feeling and how much energy they have.  That good feeling they are experiencing is sustainable with a positive mindset, patience and persistence as they work toward their wellness goals.

positive patient persistent






Those characteristics will get you to your goals blocks






Book a 1-hour free consult with us today and let us help you achieve your 2016 wellness goals!



Float Therapy

float ladyWhat a great way to start the New Year!

Jack and I have been doing floatation therapy since the summer of 2015.  We do it for many beneficial reasons but one of the benefits is better sleep and being able to get into a relaxed state of mind.  We also like to do it to replenish our magnesium levels, which in many people is deficient.  I find that if I have any aches or pains or tension of any kind, that a float just takes it all away completely.  If you book your float to coincide with bedtime shortly after the float, you will have an amazing sleep.  A float helps promote deep relaxation which is all too evidently missing with our busy, fast-paced lifestyles, over-stimulation with noise all around us, too many screens and even poor nutrition choices.

We book a float once at month at Float Wellness in Sherwood Park.  It is an oasis of calm there and we always have a different experience each time we float.  The last float I had in December, I had so much creative energy the next day that I wrote several programs for clients workouts.  The float in November was vastly different in that I fell asleep in the tank for 90 minutes and awakened when the music came on.

Why not book a float today and use it to visualize some of those goals you want to achieve for 2016!

Chair Exercise for Mobility-Challenged Clients

chair exerciseI recently became a Certified Chair Exercise Specialist for Mobility-Challenged Clients.  This means I can also work with seniors or those who find standing difficult, persons who have low endurance and post-surgical clients as well.

I train clients on a chair with a high back or for clients who have more strength and stability, we use an exercise ball.  We also use a variety of inexpensive accessories such as stretch bands, small balls, light dumbbells and our own body weight can be challenging too.

I believe that exercise is for everyone, no matter what their fitness capacity is and we can all get physically stronger even from a seated position.

Our only limitations are those we set up in our minds.

chair push up




Measure “Down” in 2016!

measuring tape.Instead of measuring “up” in 2016, how about measuring “down”?

Several of my clients have started their exercise and clean eating regimen before the holidays have taken a hold of us and are already seeing remarkable results.  Consistency pays off!

One client has been with me for only 1 month and is doing portion control only and not eliminating any food groups and has seen 7.5 pounds lost on the scale and 10 inches lost on her legs and hips.

The other client has been with me for 6 weeks and is seeing definition already and she is in her 50’s – once you are in your 50’s, it is difficult to see results in such a short time.  This client went away on vacation and did her exercises using a rock for weight instead of a medicine ball!

Again, consistency in adherence to clean eating (allowing for a little relaxing on weekends) and daily exercise (alternating weight training and interval cardio) has resulted in some impressive results for both of these clients going into the Christmas season.

Now really is a good time to start a sensible nutrition program and daily exercise so that you can pattern in good lifestyle habits to see you through vacations, Christmas holidays, birthdays or anything life throws at you.

Don’t let the upcoming holidays be an excuse for not looking after yourself.  Ask us how we can help you now to prepare in 2016 to become your best “you”!


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