• Thank You

    I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to slim down, tone up, or even just generally improve their health and fitness level. The workouts are challenging and varied, using minimal equipment. Jack and Michelle have constructed an excellent program of full body exercises, which combined with their nutritional plan.... I have lost almost 30 pounds, I have much more energy and less muscle and joint pain.
  • I Got Into Tip-Top Shape

    Michelle's programs are personally designed and she pushes you accordingly. Her confidence and support in me also kept me going when I felt I had reached the end. I have the confidence now to wear the dress I had hoped for my daughter’s wedding! Not to mention a new outlook on a health and fitness lifestyle!
  • Your Search is Over

    As a sports massage therapist, my profession is physically demanding and requires me to stay in shape so I can give 100 percent to every one of my clients. My learning curve about fitness and nutrition has surpassed what I could have expected and my improved fitness level in a few short months has been amazing. It is with confidence and conviction regarding whether you are an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or an every day average person... that I say your search is over!
  • Better with Age

    Jack's and Michelle's passion and knowledge about nutrition, health and fitness has helped me become fit, a better doctor, and a better person. They are truly the best fitness trainers I have had experience with in 25 years of professional practice. For anyone who wants to transform themselves and become healthier and more fit, these people are the best!
  • Best Shape of My Life

    I have been with Jack and Michelle for three months now and the change that I have experienced is nothing short of amazing. I was looking for a change in my life that was directed towards a healthier life style for someone that was not physically active but had the commitment to try. I’m in my 50+ years and have never felt so happy, healthy and energized than I do now.
  • I Am Hooked!

    Originally, I started training with Michelle to shed unwanted pounds before my wedding. Even in the four years we have spent together, she still comes up with exciting new exercises for me to do!

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Our Inspiration for
“Ageless Fitness and Health”

Our business name of “ageless” was inspired by our father, Denis. To us, he is the epitome of an ageless person, in both body, spirit and in his positive attitude toward life.

Our father was our first client and he has improved his fitness level to a degree that defies his actual current chronological age of 82.

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