Tandem Training & Stretching

Tomorrow we are working with a married couple who are fitness training at the same time (the husband and wife have separate exercise programs to meet their individual goals) and then they booked both of us right after their workout session for an Active Isolated Stretch session.  A stretch session booked right after a workout is ideal and helps you recover from workouts faster.  We are less busy over the holidays so it worked out great that we could tandem-train this couple and follow with a deep stretch session for both after.  Many people who get a stretch session after a workout have told us that they feel like a million bucks after!

AIS stretch 4We have several couples that we work with to tandem-train at the same time and we have a reduced price for the tandem fitness training so be sure if you are interested in working out with a partner to ask for our tandem rate.  Scheduling tandem training all depends on our availability.  Most of our evening spaces are full now but there are day time spaces open if you have some flexibility.  Tandem training would be great for semi-retired  or retired couples, or couples who work from home.

A tandem training session can involve one of us only, with 2 clients to one trainer or both of us, each working with one individual of the couple pair.  If you are interested in tandem training, contact us to ask about our reduced rates for couples.



Get Pampered This Christmas!

AIS stretch 4

Christmas and New Years can be stressful for anyone.  We are certified A.I.S. Practitioners (Active Isolated Stretching via the Mattes Method) for over 3 years and many of our clients love to book a manual stretch session with us.  A.I.S. stretches chronically tight areas that may feel “glued down” and inhibited even with regular, post-workout static stretching.  A.I.S. also releases fascia along with the tight muscle as the muscle is held together by the fascia.

We have also included in our A.I.S. sessions, a short body massage (clients keep their clothes on) with our “Thumper” percussion massager.  Some of our clients have been introduced to Thumper already and love how it makes them feel afterward.

Percussion massage using a Thumper Vari-Pro improves 3 main body functions being blood flow, lymph flow and nerve supply through the body.  It promotes nutrient absorption and cleansing to the cells and tissues of the body.   The Thumper percussion massager does not replace a skilled massage therapist so we encourage regular visits to your massage professional to keep you in tune.  The Thumper percussion massager is an enhancement to our A.I.S. service.

Why not book an A.I.S. session today or give a gift certificate for an A.I.S. session to pamper your special someone?


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