Sleepless in ____________.

sleep mask

I use one of these to help me sleep.  I am sensitive to light and prefer to sleep in a darkened room.  Summer morning sunrises I love but I don’t like the sun streaming into my face at 5:30 a.m. in my southeast facing bedroom so these are a necessity.

How well you sleep influences a lot of things.  How you perform throughout the day.  Your ability to focus.  Your mood.  It influences your food choices.  Your ability to recover from the flu or a cold.

I have always been a light sleeper so the sleep mask helps but so do these little guys because I sleep next to an occasional snorer.  I also wake up easily from traffic noise and the birds who want to announce their arrival in the large pine tree across the street.  So, ear plugs to the rescue.

earplugsI don’t have trouble falling asleep but for those who do or need a nice little ritual to help them fall asleep, the Nightwave light will help lull you into a peaceful slumber with its gently pulsing light.  It puts your brain into a delta state, which is the most restorative of brainwave patterns, encouraging healing, deep relaxation and the release of growth hormone, which becomes more scarce as we age.


nightwaveWhatever remedy you choose to aid you in a peaceful sleep is as individual as you are.  I also wind down with a book and that is a real book, printed on paper and not an e-reader, which is a screen that almost guarantees you will experience a less sound sleep.  We also minimize our screen use 1 hour before bed and keep the clock face turned away to the wall and any ambient light is kept to a minimum.  Black out curtains or blinds will work to keep the bright sun out of your bedroom if your room is a south-facing exposure or west-facing.

Lacking a good night’s sleep is often the reason why you can’t lose those last 10 pounds.  The practice of good sleep hygene is essential to your health so try some of these tips here if you are having trouble with your sleep.