Stressed? Exercise or Meditate!


With the uncertainty in our economy today, many people are stressed out.  Many people use unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with stress and their previous good habits such as eating nourishing foods and daily exercise fall by the wayside.

Because you have stress in your life is all the more reason to eat healthy food and keep up an exercise regimen, including self-care such as massage therapy or taking a yoga or meditation class to help you to work through the stress.

Stress can cause brain atrophy, affecting your memory in particular.  Exercise promotes norepinephrine production that improves cognitive ability, mood elevation, sharper focus and ability to learn and retain information.  Going for a vigorous run, a brisk walk outside, taking a yoga class or meditation will result in immediate reduction of stress.

Align exercise with healthy, whole food choices and avoiding sugary foods will help keep your mood elevated and your energy as well – as stress is an energy-thief.

If stress is affecting you, ask us how we can help.  Keeping up an exercise and healthy eating regime has saved us many times during stressful events in our lives.  We cannot envision ourselves giving up healthy coping skills only to feel worse.

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