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1 Hour One-to-One Fitness Training Sessions

$75.00 $66.50 +tax

Everyone wants to be in better shape, but it’s overwhelming to choose the plan that’s “Right For You”.

Even when you find a plan, chances are it’s been used on other people who have different bodies, or worse, different goals in mind! Then, you end up making 4-6 trips to the gym every week and to top it all off: not seeing the results you set out to get!

With our Ageless Fitness training sessions, we work with you closely on a personalized plan that works for you and your lifestyle, career, and current fitness level.  3 weeks is the right amount of time to see and feel results of a balanced exercise program.  In just 3 weeks, we will have helped you to teach your body how it needs regular exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle, for life!  Imagine what you will feel like and look like in 3 months!

Our exercise programs are not your typical “cookie-cutter” workouts!

Typically, our clients meet with us once a week in our private studio for a training session, where we teach you your program by working hands-on with you, making sure you execute the exercises safely and with proper form.  We provide you with a Weekly Planner and your workout program so that you are accountable in getting your workouts in on your own when you are training at home or at your chosen gym.  Each week, you check in with us for a 1-hour fitness training session where we will progress you from the previous week’s workout program.

Most times, our clients SAVE money because they can do our exercise programs at home, without a gym membership!  Be sure to ask us about our rates for tandem fitness training for couples.  We can tandem fitness train couples depending on our schedules.

Now you know you’re getting maximum results every step of the way!

We offer all newcomers who are interested, a FREE 1-hour consultation so that you can see if we are a good fit for you and your consult also includes a tour of our private studio.

(We are flexible on different payment options for fitness training.  We can do 10 session payment options or we can do monthly payment options and even weekly payment options.  We accept bank e-transfers, cheque or cash in person.  Sorry, we do not accept credit cards at this time.

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