Wedding Anniversary Couple

Jack, age 63 & Michelle, age 58

Take time out for you to fit fitness in to your day – let this husband and wife team of Fitness and Nutrition Coaches show you how!  Jack and Michelle both do one-on-one training in the comfort of their private studio.

Jack and Michelle have 4 decades each of experience in strength and resistance training along with teaching balance, flexibility, agility and great emphasis on core training as well.  As a couple who are passionately committed to the pursuit of fitness and health, they would be pleased to design an exercise program to meet with your personal goals.

Jack and Michelle have found that keeping weight workout programs from 45 minutes to 1 hour in duration is optimal for increasing your fitness and lean muscle mass and they advise that you take a day off in between weight workouts to recover.  Optimum benefits can be had with weight training 3 times a week, with a 30 minute session of cardiovascular training to be performed on your weight training days off. This type of an exercise regimen ensures that you can “fit fitness in” on a daily basis.

Their passion to be physically fit led them both towards pursuing bodybuilding competition as a way to challenge themselves and keep fit in the off-season for their shows.  As top-placing Masters natural bodybuilding competitors in their late 50’s and early 60’s who are now retired from competition, they endeavour to stay in shape to do the work that they both love, which is helping their clients become more fit and healthy.

They can fitness train any client, from the sports athlete client who wants to perform better at their chosen sport, to the beginner client who has never exercised before and wants to become more physically fit.  They also work with overweight clients and they have a number of Baby Boomer and senior clients who are enjoying increased vigor, energy, strength and mobility, so exercise is not just for the young person but also the young at heart!

Be sure to check out the Certifications tab on this website to see what they specialize in as Personal Fitness Trainers.  Jack and Michelle have a broad base of knowledge between them to work with clients with a variety of fitness goals.

To become more fit and healthy is a lifestyle choice and Michelle and Jack are reaping the rewards now of having lived this way for over 40 years.



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