Meet Michelle and Jack

We are a high-energy husband and wife team of high-ranking retired Masters athletes who hold many multiple certifications in various exercise modalities, along with us both maintaining our major CFT (Certified Fitness Trainer) for  over 12 years with ISSA (International Sport Sciences Association).  We also have a major sports nutrition certification, which involved 3 years of study.   Prior to attaining our fitness and nutrition certifications, we have been strength and resistance training to gain lean muscle for  4 decades each.  We have amassed many years of experience and education between us and have a great passion to share our knowledge with others who are interested in achieving a healthier lifestyle.  We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve better health and wellness through proper exercise and nutrition.

Our fitness workouts for our clients are one-on-one for individuals or we can tandem-train couples.  All workouts  emphasize building functional strength, endurance, mobility, balance and flexibility.  We also coach clients in nutrition and our nutrition program emphasizes whole foods nutrition and paleo nutrition.

We have a private and licensed studio on site, next to our home that has lots of space and light and a great variety of strength and functional training equipment.  We work with clients who train at various city gym facilities and clients who have home gyms with minimal equipment.  We know the city gym facilities well and can design you workouts to take to your  gym facility.  We are EXPERTS at teaching you how to get great results with at-home fitness training, using minimal equipment – so you don’t need to join a gym to keep fit.  We also offer Active Isolated Stretching as another service for our clients if they want a deep stretch to release chronically tight muscles.  This is done on a portable table or seated on a chair or even on the floor on a thick mat.  This type of stretching increases your range of motion, improves circulation, relaxes tight muscles and releases tight fascia.

It is never too late to start exercising to become stronger and you are not too old to begin now!  We have day time, evening and weekend spaces available for fitness training, active isolated stretching and nutrition coaching bookings.

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