OUR FITNESS STUDIO (Strength training and Functional Training)

Our fitness studio is brand new, and  is separate from our home on site and has a change room for clients with hangers and hooks and chairs to stash your bags and clothes on.  Our studio has a high ceiling and is bright and well-lit, even in winter months.  Our studio has a commercial rubber floor, with a 6 foot wide strip of carpet for slider work.  Pictured here is the entrance to the studio.Studio Entrance  Click on the photo to enlarge.







Our studio is very well equipped with a variety of equipment such as a TRX, Bosu ball, exercise balls, medicine balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, Body Bars, commercial rubber tubing stations that are wall-mounted and a selection of balance aids.  Click on the photo to enlarge.







We have a reinforced wall at the back of the studio that is perfect for medicine ball slams and other high impact core work.  Our TRX is securely mounted into the ceiling bracket on the corbel, allowing for a great variety of bodyweight exercises.  Click on the photo to enlarge.







We have step benches and risers for any bench work and balance equipment, with a variety of sizes of exercise balls.  We have a good selection of foam rollers as well to help loosen tight spots.  The 2 blue carts have a selection of smaller fitness tools that we use from time to time such as small balls, ankle weights, belts, pulldown bars and o-tubing of different sizes.  Click on the photo to enlarge.


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