How Are You Accountable?

I have 5 clients all named “Linda”.  The Linda I am referring to in this blog wanted to be accountable for her wellness goals in 2016.  So, she showed me how she was being accountable and in detail too!  I invited her to text me every day to let me know that she got a […]

A Long & Strong Future!

Spending an hour on the treadmill isn’t enough.  Neither is walking the dog.  As you age, your body is in a state of deterioration, starting as early as age 30.  By age 50, most of us will have lost over 20% of our muscle mass.  This means age-related weight gain as we gain more body […]

Stressed? Exercise or Meditate!

With the uncertainty in our economy today, many people are stressed out.  Many people use unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with stress and their previous good habits such as eating nourishing foods and daily exercise fall by the wayside. Because you have stress in your life is all the more reason to eat healthy food […]

Slow Food in a Fast World

Those who know me know that I use my crockpot a lot.  In fact, we have two of them going sometimes. I especially like them when we are busy on weekends and want a hot, delicious meal with meat and vegetables and a salad on the side.  Today I have beef shanks with lots marrow […]

3 Ingredient Pistachio Bark

Just in time for Christmas gift giving!  Only 3 ingredients used in my pistachio bark.  Melt 1.5 cups dark chocolate nibs in a double boiler (I use a premium quality baking chocolate), add 1 cup of roasted salted pistachio nuts, and crumble about half a cup of young coconut chunks into the melting chocolate.  Blend […]

Fat Fruit – Avocado! Yes, it is a Fruit – not a Vegetable!

This is the amount of avocadoes that Jack and I eat each week, approximately 2 day.  I mix half of one into my green smoothie, with spinach, kale, cucumber, spirulina, and pea shoots (tender pea sprouts). We have been doing a keto-Paleo type of food plan wherein we have upped our fat intake by quite […]

Christmas Tourtierre Pie

A holiday tradition for our family is to have on hand, at least one or two classic pork pies or Tourtierre pie.  Sometimes we cook it when we do our family turkey and other times we cook it and eat it on it’s own with a side of pickled beets or some other condiment that […]

Christmas Turkey Rolls

For the past few Christmases, we have been roasting our butcher’s turkey rolls, made from a whole turkey breast, with the dark meat from the legs rolled up inside the breast, along with herbs and spices.  Upon request, our butcher will stuff the turkey rolls too. This means no mess for me as they come […]

Happy New You!

  2016 is just around the corner and has another year gone by with you resolving to make some healthier changes to your lifestyle but somehow things just got busy.  We all have 24 hours in a day and if you don’t take care of your health, then the hospital will have to take care […]

It’s Never Too Late to Start!

If you have been pondering about getting more physically fit for this new year, then the time is               Jack and I both work with Baby Boomers and clients slightly younger than us, and somewhat older than us clients (and a good measure of young clients too – to […]